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I'm new. Just thought I'd say Hi.

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Hi there

I'm new to the site. Me and my husband are Triumph mad but have only just gotten the internet on. I couldn't work out how to put a new post on but here I am.

Hey can anyone out there help us???? We're in Australia. What would you buy a Triumph Trident T160 1975 model for if it was in good condition?????

Thanks in anticipation. Will look forward to any replies.

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Miker, Okie and Dagad all came back at once

glad to see you guys clicked you heels together in OZ and

said theres no place like home. :-D
good place to start is a IH cub cadet (mine is abig single)
or you can claim to have an old Triumph. A friend of mine says there are more Rocket 3's on this web site than made in the last couple of years. Two that have taken exception to my opinions of sidecars and Hinckley-Davidson's dont own the old bikes either. So jump on in the waters great! :-D
just went out on that site the prices down under are VERY RELIGIOUS. I looked at the twins listed and even the not right ones are not low dollar.
Only proves no matter where you are gotta know what your buying.
Tell ya what Gina
You cant be out here very often as the comment you are responding to was posted 11/02/06. I didnt respond to your last posting as it was obvious you did not understand what was being said. I will try to find it now and respond at MY convience and yes I saw your picture that was posted at the track on your Hinckley bike. GOD help you if you ever have to get up on the pegs to avoid something in the road. (note spelling of Hinckley for future reference)
Aint gonna happen, you gonna crash and probaly be hurt ,not something I wish even on Mr Hagy. If you dont know who he is go to the first posting in this forum(He is the shop owner in Chicago everybody loves).
As far as the female bit get the chip off your shoulder. If you are a rider I dont care whats between your legs or on your chest. A rider to me is a rider male/female, black/white , communist/socailist/ capitalist I never cared. Motorcycling to me as always been a level field.
Hope you have a good day
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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