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I'm new. Just thought I'd say Hi.

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Hi there

I'm new to the site. Me and my husband are Triumph mad but have only just gotten the internet on. I couldn't work out how to put a new post on but here I am.

Hey can anyone out there help us???? We're in Australia. What would you buy a Triumph Trident T160 1975 model for if it was in good condition?????

Thanks in anticipation. Will look forward to any replies.

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On 2006-11-02 06:16, KADUTZ wrote:
Two that have taken exception to my opinions of sidecars and Hinckley-Davidson's dont own the old bikes either. So jump on in the waters great! :-D
.......yet. As I've said before I'm buying a Tiger Cub in the new year when my saving scheme pays out.

And so, yes I'm still looking in here every so often and yes I am one who took exception to your comments.

Does riding a 3HW count??? It's my dad's admittedly, but how old a Triumph do you want? It's older than he is. :razz:
And my inheritance. Yeah I'm only a kid compared to some older Triumph riders (and a girl to boot) but don't upset the kids out there....we're the future of Triumphs. Hinkley or Meriden. Or even Coventry. We're the ones who'll be riding them in 50 years time.

And yes I will still be riding the 3HW, complete with it's original engine for it's frame like it has now... just not with the ***** tyres it has on now. (and before that gets a remark, my dad says that too).

And sorry to Scooby and the others for hijacking the thread.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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