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Been lurking and made a couple of posts. I
have been trying to find a S3 owner in my
area to fondle his/her pride and joy, with
no luck. So, a couple of buddies of mine and
I took a little trip to my nearest Triumph
dealer. Just so happened they had 3 in stock
and to my luck a demo in Blazing Orange. So
after I give everything except for a blood
sample and shot record the sales guy and I
set out on a little joy ride.

Lemme back peddle a bit. My last threads
were questions to ride angle, seat comfort,
engine breaking and so forth. My current NC30
IS WAY TOO AGGRESSIVE of a ride. I nearly
was cut in half at the belt line so a harsh lean
is just something I can no longer do. So my 3
year resto must be sold. :(

The S3 took a bit to get used to, very touchy
throttle and stop you on a dime. The best part
was the ride angle though a bit leaned over was
much better on my back. With some bars I think
I would be at a perfect angle. I was unable to get
to HWY speeds but we did go through some

If it weren't for the idea that I may travel with a
S3 I would get the Street Triple as it fit a bit

Now I truely see what the addiction is all about.
So, soon as I find a home for my current baby
I will be joining the ranks and damn happy to
do so. Thanks to all you guys who helped in my
past threads! AND happy holidays.

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Oh lord, another Speed Triple addict.
You now are one of us with this virus.

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How much are you looking to get for the Honda?? Thats an amazing bike!

You'll love owning the triple though, really doesn't get much better on the street!

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How much are you looking to get for the Honda?? Thats an amazing bike!!

I'm almost scared to say on the open forum
ya'll will think I'm crazy. BUT, the bike in its
shape with a street title should sell form
6500-7k. If you would like more info or pics
on the bike you can mail me and I'll be happy
to send any info and a detailed pictures of
its rebuild.
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