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Hi everyone!

I'm Dave, 50 years old, a home owner, with 4 children of various ages from 11 - 18, a long term partner named Camille, and, yes the obligatory dog & cat who wander through our lives. Fiscally conservative, but, I got sober @ 10 years ago, and found, that I do sort of want to save the world? Not sure how I got there, but, it 'feels' right, just not sure exactly how to do it?

Have been a cruiser kind of guy, since I got back into riding a few years ago, but, got to the point where I wanted something different. It really started with being in love with the Ducati Pannigale 899- even my partner was gaga over it- however, 10 minutes in the seat ad the honeymoon was over. Good divorce attorneys retained, a new, more complex process began- a very nice bike was being 'offered up' for this change ('07 Yamaha FJR1300A w/ under 9K in Black Cherry!), so, nothing would be done lightly.

Gixxers, Speed Triple, Ducati's of various shapes, Yamaha FZ-09 & V-Max, you name it- a wild & woolly list of bikes fit under my ass, until I couldn't ride the little brother of the Speed Triple? The Speed was good, but, the bike didn't need me- 2nd or 6th @ 60MPH's means that the rider is almost unnecessary. But, a smaller engine, lighter weight, finer tuning means that I would be needed to shave the 1/2 second, yet, I would be able to wheelie & stoppie like a pro... (Joke: I've been riding cruisers & I'm 50-remember?), Words like: nimble, agile, flickable, tossable topped my NEEDS: list, so, I thought it might just be the bike. Internet research showed that my gut was right, but, the raving about the little Panigale was similar- so, the ergo's could still be all wrong?

None to 'test ride' within 300 miles- what to do? My local dealer has one on the showroom floor- in matte graphite- definitely the color of choice for me! I was willing to 'buy' a test ride (pay for the privledge of putting the 1st miles on the bike) and, I had ridden everything else on the possible possibilities list already (my homework). They agreed, but, wouldn't charge me to do it- they knew how serious I was about buying it- if it was the right bike.

I made the salesman ride my cruiser ('08 Hyosung GV650 cruiser-carb'd) during the test ride, and, within minutes of being on it- I knew that it was the perfect bike- in so many ways. Of course, I started to ride circles around him- which he found extremely upsetting- while I validated my tossability concerns. Negotiated what I thought was a fabulous deal (demand exceeded supply, so, discounting was generally not a topic for most dealers in June), bought $2,000 worth of OEM add-ons, in addition to Triumph's Value offer of flyscreen, underbelly pan, & rear seat cowling- color matched & installed for free! Still waiting for the Value accesories to arrive, but, all of my OEM gear is on the bike, except the TPMS sensors, which go on in a week.

I left with the ST3R & installed Tech Spec Snakeskins before leaving the dealership, and, have struggled with a permasmile (surgical intervention may be required) & the inability to get off of it since purchase. I've found bathroom breaks, fluid replacement & food needs can all be met at gas stations, and, sleeping is so last year- knowwhatimean, Vern? Strangely, I have been averaging 50MPG, which exceeded my expectations wildly (38.5-42 MPG expect?), which falls under yet another benefit of a superbike in hooligan clothing, of which- there are too many to list!

I feel like I won the lottery, or, someone told me this huge secret that NOT EVERYBODY KNOWS, or, that Lady Luck tapped me for goodness or something. How come almost nobody knows about this bike- it's a scream, it's a laugh, it's the best thing since sliced bread, for heaven's sake! I checked, and, yes- every motojournalist has said that it's awesome, great, perfect in every way (except looks), and, has struggled to find a flaw in this gem of a bike. Yet, nobody understands, or, nobody listened, because, I run into too many people who don't get it, don't know it, and, can't see how outstanding this bike is. Oh well, I can't get off of it long enough to find an accessable rooftop to sing it's praises, and, besides writing this- I need to get back to her, she might be missing me...

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