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I'm all wet! Any suggestions?

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er . . . . I know this isn't a BIKE question, but this is probably the best place to ask!

Went out in my nice new Macna jacket at the weekend - OK so I didn't have the waterproof lining in it - but I got SOAKED to the skin! The thing leaked like a sieve!

I thought it'd be thoroughly waterproof for the price I paid (NZ$650).
Sure looks nice, but if this is how it's going to behave in the wet, think I'll sell it off and buy a cheaper one!

Can anyone recommend a waterproof spray/sealer which might help without damaging the jacket?

(I know I'm gonna regret asking this . . . . . go on - I can take it!)

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Try it again...with the waterproof liner in it.
Not to sound wise here, but my JR Pheonix gets pretty wet without the lining.
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