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Ikon Suspension

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So i just ordered the Ikon rear shocks and front springs w/ 15w oil. I wanted to know what you all think? for those of you who have this set up how are they? is it suitable for street and track?
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Like Curefan, I'd recommend Works Performance or another outfit that will get springs and shocks matched to your weight. I used Works about ten years ago, and my experience then was very good. The tech I spoke with took my weight, riding style, passenger information, etc. The shocks were excellent. When I replace the rear shocks on my Thrux, I'll use them.

Bonus, the Works shocks for the Thrux are ride height adjustable -Wilburs also has ride height adjustable shocks, but they're more expensive.

My front forks are currently out to Race Tech for rebuild and revalving. They have my weight information, so I'm expecting a big improvement over stock. Better springs, cartridge emulators and a fork brace...can't wait, but unforrtunately winter is almost here :(
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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