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I have two sets of IKON shocks. One set for my Scrambler, another for a client's Scrambler that he needs lowered by an inch. One pair, the 14.5" 1507's came with a pouch of bushings to match the shock eyes to the Triumph's frame and swingarm lugs. There are four bushings in the pouch. They are four different sizes...

Only one is the correct size, 16mm OD, 14mm ID.

The other pair, the 13.5" 1602's don't have any bushings at all in the package.

Although I've solved the problem for my client's bike (See here for details.)

I'm wondering if any others have run into this problem?

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Ditto I bought ikons for my thruxton and they supplied them with sleeves .2mm to big for the shock bushes . I polished then down to size . I also rang them to voice my displeasure.
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