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BSA 441 Victor "thumper" frame with the single exhaust pipe still attached, probably '69. Another one pretty much the same, with no front wheel.

BSA 500 or 650 twin frame, might be anywhere from 65 - 70, the one with the upper tube much thinner than the other frame which is most likely a 71 and later BSA 650 twin.

Lots of wheels which are mostly useless except for the hubs which can be blasted and powdercoated or painted, the inner spacers are probably salvageable. Some of the rims MIGHT still be salvageable for re-chrome or powdercoat.

Those rear sections were obviously chopped off of a frame that became a chopper or bobber. they are virtually useless.

Not a bad value for the final bid price, but pretty useless without some engines and bodywork!

The good thing is, many modern clubs are getting into retro bobbers and post-apocalyptic (read: rusty & ragged) look.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts