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I`ve really got the Horn...

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I`ve just fitted a new horn to the ST. I tend to pop wheelies quite a bit and the downside to this is that the headlight bulb filaments break if the front wheel hits the deck too hard. Anyway, I decided to replace both my broken front bulbs with some "Narva Plus 50`s" although I don`t know why as I rarely ride the thing after dark! They claim to double the amount of light emitted and after testing them, that certainly seems to be the case. They should make me more visible in the daytime, too.

Because replacing the headlight bulbs seemed to demand dismantling the whole front end of the bike, I thought I might as well change the horn while I was at it. The stock horn is labelled 3 amp and 105db and sounds like a child`s toy. I bought a replacement in Supercheap Auto for $4.99 which also claims to be 105db but with 1.5 amps. It sounds TWICE as loud as the OEM horn. I didn`t have to dick around with relays, it bolted straight in and I`m delighted with the result. The horn is made by a company called 'Nightvision.'

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Sounds good, and simple! I've just fitted a Stebel Nautilus Compact and am delighted with the result. It did involve wiring in a new relay but that was OK, and the extra dB and more pleasant sound were worth the effort. The horn fits in nicely under the right hand fairing panel, and I've left the original in place in case the Stebel ever stops working. I now have a hooter that I'm not ashamed to use. Being seen AND heard are vitally important! :wink:
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