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I agree. Get everything documented,by the dealer as to what repairs were done to your motorcycle. If it's not written on your work order, make them write it, or verbally tell you, while you document it on your work order, and have them( a service manager, or dealership manager, not some flunky) sign it. If you do not receive a work order, because " It's warranty work, and there is no charge" BUNK! Get a documented work order. Without documentation, should it come to a legal action, you will not have a leg to stand on. I have been in the auto repair business over 30 years, and we see practices like this all the time.(Not in my shop!)

Even if the problem is solved to your satisfaction, I recommend that you make Triumph aware of the problem. It's feedback from their customers that helps them improve the breed, after all.

I would also keep meticulous records of my maintenance, just in case there is an early failure, you want to prove you kept your end of the bargain.
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