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I miss my Speed Triple - But I shouldn't

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I sure miss my ol' S3... been in the shop almost two months now for a blown head gasket, which I am close to matching on a personal level.

Anybody have any advice about who to contact at Triumph to complain about your local dealership? I'd be happy to help get their Triumph privileges revoked permanently.
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That's an excellent question. My bike has 1500 miles approx., and I ride it pretty conservatively.

Your guess is a good as mine.
I guess, although it doesn't explain why:

1) Other then the day after I dropped it off, nobody from the dealership has EVER called me.

2) Every time I call they say "We're putting the engine back in today or tomorrow, I'll call you"

3) They don't want my business, if I WAS paying, I'd be taking it somewhere were I think they WANT me as a customer.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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