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Baotian BT50QT-11Unashamedly classic in design, this scooter of a bygone age cries out to have fun. Beneath the archetypal lines and chrome instruments lies a thoroughly contemporary machine. Fully automatic and easy to ride, this scooter is as suitable for every day use as any other in our range. To reflect the style from which it was born, we offer a choice of traditional colours, but introduce a burst of colour for enjoyment.
Standard equipment includes remote starting, factory fitted alarm, ABS brakes and a colour co-ordinated top box. To complete the classic look, a screen is available.
Colours:Thunder Black Star Silver
Brighton Blue Star Silver
Candy Bianca
Price: £695.00
Dimensions [LxWxH mm]:
77 kg
Max Load:
95 kg
Engine Type:
4 Stroke Air Cooled
Engine Size:
Brakes Front:
Brakes Rear: Drum
Start Method:
Fuel: Unleaded Petrol

she has bought it to pop to the shops and get to work in summer, the daughter is also able to use it from summer as she will be 16, no matter what you say this is the cheapest scoot around and the reason we got it was this weeks MCN gave it a fantastic write up. Beleive me in the UK this is a fantastic price with the itallian and japanese costing twice the money for less of a bike, I will report if it goes pop if anyone is interested.

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no details on MPG but a fourstroke 50cc is not going to use much, I will use this as a test bed for quality and report anything that go's wrong reliability rust etc, if anyone is interested.

THIS IS WHAT MCN SAY: There's one number on the Boatian spec sheet that should send a shiver down the spine of every scooter mftr from here to Tiawan THE PRICE. this honest straight forward scoot is not only cheap it makes a mokery of anything similar from italy or japan. Prices of other scoots. the scoot is a decent performer suprisingly for a four stroke its nimble and eager to race to 35mph more if the user deresticts it, ((instructions for this supplied). The chunky 10 inch wheels work well with the chasis to give a smooth and confient ride. The finish is also pleasing and the plastics fit well too. everything from the switchgear to the topbox works as it should. The Jury is still out on the crude ABS but the factory fitted immobiliser and the remote startfacility which enables the motor to be started remotely from the key fob is novel.

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I've read an article a few months ago written by a western news correspondent in Beijing who bought a Chinese scooter for about US$100 which matches the description you quote but probably will not be the same as your export model.

He said it was the cheapest transport possible but the quality wasn't upto much but it was reliable and parts were dirt cheap. They were so popular that a whole new kerbside repair industry had been spawned which repaired and replaced parts on the spot even replacing damaged panelling to the same colour as the original.

He had his for 2 years then gave it away when he left Beijing. He said he was happy with it but don't expect a Vespa.

Having said that I bought a 'Honda' petrol electric generator, well it was identical to a Honda generator andit has another brand name but whoever made it in China also made genuine Honda generators as I have a genuine Honda petrol water pump and the common parts are identical. It was a quarter of the genuine Honda price and the quality and reliability sofar after a year is excellent.

Ride on ! :)

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A lot of locals are buying the Chinese bikes for their kids. The feeling is that they will probably last until they are outgrown or will be cheaper to replace after a crash than buying the replacement parts for the more expensive brands.

Something to consider.
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