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I may have once said "I shall return" to these forums.. took longer than anticipated but finally bought my baby back from the third brother to own her!
I bought my 2003 Lime Green Speed Four brand new still in the crate, sight unseen back in 2004 and had it shipped to my local dealer based on a Motorcyclist review :)
Then I ran out of available funding as I was still in college and found myself without my roommate (long time girlfriend had enough of me) and was forced to sell my beloved S4 to my brother.
Then that brother was going to trade her in... for a freakin' scooter!
So another brother saved her and has had her in his garage just waiting... through a couple moves over the past seven years and 1,000 mile ride north from where he bought her from our brother.
This Saturday I was able to buy her back with 8,993 miles on her clock and she looks almost as good as the day I originally bought her! I'm stoked!

Now I need to find info on getting the steel fuel connectors I couldn't afford all those years ago when the recall hit.

PS - that's my now wife and me in my avatar photo about the time I had to sell the S4.

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