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i found my balance point

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while always able to ride decent wheelies , never been able to get it up and balance it , probably due to fear and lack of skill.

well no more , ive been powering it up in first and finally got it to balance and into second gear :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

never could be happier . now if i could figure out why it falls into neutral
every 5-6 time when i roost it up in first gear . quit unnerving to hwere it smak the rev limeter and dump the front end at the same time .

i hope its my fat foot hitting the lever unintentionally. :???:
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for me when i hit hit the balance point it was like all the weight on the handlebars went away , very comfortable feeling . , i dont plan on doing any cartwheels , so i am always hovering on the rear brake.

my favorite , cause it is impressive is to get rolling at around 40mph
hammer the throttle and as she comes up move my weight up front as much as possible , it keeps the front wheel at about 20 degrees , when i shift to second it will bob a little and keep going . , and if you lean too far you get some wicked fun wheel spin in the back
it does for me , i dont subscribe to the theory that you need to lean around the gas tank to qualify as a wheelie . that view will probably change as i learn to ride them that big .

but i absolutley get a chuffer when the front whell drifts about a foot off the pavement during hard acceleration , on corner exits or just going down the street.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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