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I recently purchased a new car, and while at DMV transferring my old plates, I decided to pay a few bucks for new, unrusted ones.

When I got home and removed the old plates, I discovered the dealer (why is it always the dealer?) had used metal screws to attach the rear plate. That would be ok if the Mazda body was threaded for metal screws, but it isn't. The metal screws were so large they were only in by a quarter turn.

After mumbling a few favorite curses, I was about to throw the license plate in the rear window and run off to Ace Hardware for a couple screws the right size .... when suddenly I spied my old T100 side cover screws. I'd replaced them several months ago with the knurled ones from Mike at BC.

I'm thinking 'nah, this won't work', but wonder of wonders, they were the exact right thread and length.

So now even when I'm driving the cage, there's a little bit of Bonnie traveling with me.

Maybe I should buy a Lotto ticket. I'm on a roll!


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