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I have to give a big "Ataboy" to an internet seller that Ijust finished working with. He has an Ebay store and I don't know how to identify him other than his member name is 'dcr0071'. His name is Cam Roos and he also works for Moto 400 in Dawsonville GA. Moto 400 evidently became a Triumph dealer just recently and int he process Cam or Moto 400 bought up a former dealer's parts stock and he is selling it on Ebay.
They had what was described as a carbon fiber TOR exhaust to fit '02+ Daytonas. I was evidently the only one who bid on it because I got it for the minimum. Unfortunately when I received it and tried to put it on it would not fit. I ran a search on this website for the part number that is imprinted on the intermediate pipe and it came up in a couple threads in the Sprint forum. The pipe I received had a hand written tag and I could see where the screw up happened. The last two numbers of the Sprint part are 40 while the Daytona part is 49.
With everybody's worst Ebay stories, and my wife's "I told you so!" echoing in my head I blasted off an email and then waited for a response.
The following day I received an apology and a promise that he would immediately order a new, correct pipe from Triumph and have it to me as soon as possible.
Well, he is a man of his word. Nine days later I received a brand new, in the Triumph box, with all the instructions, correct pipe!
Cuddos, Cam and Moto 400! You guys are the bomb!
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