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Thruxton R 2019, Rocket Roadster 2012
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I bought the OBDlink recommended on here and paid the 25 euros and got a licenec for 5 bikes from France. And used it to check what I wanted - that the throttle bodies were well balanced, and so I left it until a couple of days ago I got a checklight on my Thruxton and when I went back to the Thruxton with the OBDlink and Tuneecu it said it was an unregistered bike (I definitely registered it a couple of months ago)
I then connected up to my Rocket Roadster which also currently has a checklight. It correctly said that the Rocket was an unregistered bike and (I think) I registered it (I didn't have to type in any Vin number though). That gave me the error code (air temp sensor). And I then left eveything .....until today..... First it told me that the Rocket was an unregistered bike, and so I switched off the ignition and on again hoping that would remind it. This time it told me that my app was unregistered (or unlicensed perhaps), with no option to reaffirm the licence which I had paid 25 euros for.
I then took the gear across to the Thruxton and it again told me that my bike was unregistered and I think that the app was unregistered.
On none of the occasions when I have been connected to either bike has the software allowed me to 'swipe right' to various other screens.
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