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This forum, like many others, for security and performance reasons does not permit DIRECT inserting of a photo. Instead you must upload the photo to a website, either to an image hoster (e.g. or to your own "Photo Album." (see Features).

AFTER the photo has been uploaded, here are the steps to insert an IMAGE into your posts. I'm going to use my own Photo Album as an example.

Window 1, Step 1
Start your message (New Topic or Post Reply) from within your primary browser window.

Window 2, Step 1
Launch a second browser window to make it easy to locate and work with your photo. To do this with Internet Explorer or Firefox, type Ctl+N (File > New > Window or File > New Window, respectively).

Window 2, Step 2
From the second, newly opened browser window, go to your "Member Maintained Album" and locate the image you want to insert in your Message.

Window 2, Step 3
If you want the thumbnail picture (small but loads quickly) inserted, RIGHT CLICK on it. If you want the full-size picture (large but loads slowly) inserted, CLICK on the thumbnail and then RIGHT CLICK on the full size picture.

Window 2, Step 4
CLICK on Properties

Window 2, Step 5
Highlight the URL and then COPY it to your clipboard by using the universal keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+C

Full size image inserted here...

Window 2, Step 6
NOW, go back to your primary window, the one in which you are composing the Message. (Hint: another universal keyboard shortcut to do this is Alt+Tab.)

Window 1, Step 2
CLICK on the "IMAGE" button which will place a small window on your screen. Delete the "http://" that is defaulted and PASTE the URL you copied in Step 2e by typing the universal keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+V.

Window 1, Step 3
CLICK the "OK" button.

That's it, now finish your Message and Submit it.

HINT: Instead of inserting an image, you can simply insert the URL address (i.e. create a "clicky" as some people say) by using the "URL" button instead of the "IMAGE" button. The advantage to this is that it does not load the image UNTIL the reader clicks on the link, which thus gives a member on a slow, dial-up line has the option to load or not load the picture.

NOTE: Those keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember.
To CUT use Ctrl+X (X looks like scissors)
To COPY use Ctrl+C (Copy starts with C)
To PASTE use Ctrl+V (V points down to where you want to paste)
To UNDO use Ctrl+Z (well, use your imagination!)
They're all right next to each other on the keyboard.
(The "Z" key is barely readable on my keyboard because I use it so much :wink: )

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Just a suggestion from one who still struggles sometimes with all this technology:
' Preview ' your post with image first.
Saves you a lot of embarrasment when the post shows up without the image.

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And there's always the 'delete this post' checkbox under the EDIT feature.


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