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How much did you pay for your new S3?

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I'm shopping around currently for a 06-07 S3 and was wondering what you guys ended up paying prior to taxes and registration for your 06-07 S3 NEW in the USA? Kinda trying to figure out a standard to start negotiations at.

BTW.... if you’re a dealer or work at a dealership and don’t like people that negotiate.... don’t respond to this. Everything in regards to money is negotiable.... ALWAYS.

Thoughts, opinions?
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For the purpose of comparison, I thought I'd give you the South African list price for the Speed Triple -- with the fall in the value of the South African Rand the price went up by ZAR8,500.00 to ZAR98,500.00 incl. of all taxes (but not PDI or Registration Fees). According to this morning FOREX rates this amounts to US$13,903.59. :)
The Aussie price in Rands is close to the SA price up to Sept. In Aussie Dollars the price in South Africa would be AU$17773.00. A [email protected]
According to the recommended retail price of the S3 in the USA against that of the South African retail price, we here in South Africa are paying a premium of US$3973.00 for the priviledge of owning a british motorcycle. Poor show Triumph SA -- but that goes for company's like Honda SA, where the Fireblade etc is excessively over-priced to that offered in the States.. Has it got something to do with companies wanting to make their products as attreactive as they can in the US, it being a large and influential market?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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