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How Do I Stop the Corrosion?

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Speedy is now four months old and has only done 3000km of mostly fair-weather riding. It lives tucked up in my garage, safe, sound and dry! It gets treated to a wash and polish each week, carefully dried in the warm late-afternoon sun.

And yet...

Over the past few weeks I notice that the bright polished aluminium that support the rider and pillion foot pegs are showing serious signs of deterioration -- aluminium oxide film forming on the metal surfaces particularly in the corners and crevices.

How can I stop the rot? Has anyone else experienced this problem? Should I have the parts bead blasted and lacquer coated? Maybe someone could give me some better advice, based on experience?
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On 2007-01-13 07:41, Devious2XS wrote:
Salty (sea) air will cause corrosion issues if you are down wind of the sea, and sometimes even if you are upwind - due to even minimum salt content in the soil/dust.
+1 I made the BAD mistake of taking my 72 Cuda to coastal NC for a couple of years (about 28 miles from the water). The vinyl top absorbed a lot of salt content and the entire roof was trashed within those 2 years. Shoulda left it in IL for certain. Decided to get rid of it since it wasn't worth anything from a collector standpoint (idiot before me changed the dash pad.......including VIN tag), I got the same amount I paid 10 years before (and I swapped a 360 into and kept the 340), so it was fun while it lasted. Now I just need a shell for the 340 powerplant.
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