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Houston, TX Dealers

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OK..I decided I'm getting a Bonnie. I live about 30 miles from 3 different dealers. 2 in Houston, one in Bryan. Has anyone had experience with these bike dealers that could help sway my decision?
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I bought my 04 T100 from Polaris West and I got good what I felt was a good deal and I've had positive experiences with the service department as well. Gulf Coast South I've bought stuff from (gloves, jacket , tank bag etc.) and they always give me a discount. Service department on the other hand not so good. Try both.
I'm also in the market for a new '07 Bonnie. I live in the south suburbs, so British USA (Gulf Coast BMW) is the nearest dealer for me, and just off my daily commute. I appreciate the special events Cliff organizes there, like rides to the races, and the annual Thankgiving party & bike show. In fact, I've been attending those events for several years, albeit on non-British bikes.

Big, shoot me an e-mail off list and we'll compare notes. When are you planning to buy?

[email protected]
I've had nothing but good experience with British in buying, parts and clothing, and in service. I have not gone to any of the other dealers since I never had to. :bday:
I'm back in houston often so one day I went to british usa for oil, a spedo light, and a jetting question about TOR's and snorkle removal. left with no light bulb (not in stock), no 42 pilot jet (not in stock, woman at counter grabbed mikuni manual to find one to order, corrected her and said thanks but no thanks) no advise for main jet, just an offer to bring my bike 300 miles to have them work on it (all bikes are different, we coulden't tell you where to start with a setup like that, why don't you bring it in to have us look at it, thanks but no thanks) , but I was able to get oil!!!
Stay away from the jerks in Bryan. I got a 02 Speed Triple from them in 04 and it was the worst buying experence I have ever had.
I realise this is a fairly old thread, but I've bit my tongue as long as I can...

Polaris West will sell you a bike a little cheaper than Gulf Coast/British USA. Both Rick and Richard are nice guys HOWEVER don't expect to get service work completed. My bike has been in there for 4-1/2 months to fix it from a small altercation I had with a water filled pothole (the pothole won). All that's wrong is a scratched case, a bent right hand clip-on, grip, brake lever, turn signal, broken off foot peg, broken mirror, dented silencer and a few other small parts. It took a MONTH just to get an estimate out of them. If I wasn't walking wounded and drugged out on pain killers at that time, I would have picked it up and gone to Gulf Coast BMW/British USA.

I could have started a mine, built a foundry and forged the parts by now. (Exaggerated, but I think you get my point).

I did break my shoulder and I've healed but they still can't seem to get the [email protected]*n bike fixed. I went in there last Friday and its still missing 1/2 the Triumph OEM parts. I did want Napoleon bar end mirrors and Specialty Spares TT pipes, but I guess they freaked out on a special order and it short circuited their brains.

Gulf Coast BMW/British USA has always been helpful whenever I've been in there.

Look at the BBB reports on both... GC/BUSA = satisfactory, PW = unsatisfactory with no responses to a few complaints.
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You all do not have to worry about the Bryan shop. It's outta business, before they did, they opened a shop here in Caldwell. They went south shortly thereafter. I never even went in either place because I heard bad things. I wound up buying my T100 from the guys over in Austin. Great bunch of people in Austin, made me a (in my opinion) great deal. I couldn't be happier with my bike.
Daryl (cwmoss) :cool:
Gulf Coast British USA is a good dealership. I bought an '04 BMW K1200RS from them and they have serviced it for me fine.

I am about to buy a T100 from them.

I'm surprised to see this thread back up. I ended up finding an '05 T-100 Black and White on Craig's List with only 800 miles on it! To top it off, it was only 5 miles from my house! Now it has 1700 miles on it (after a month.)

I got over to British Importers on S. Broadway for a few things and everyone there was very helpful. They have a lot of cool old bikes to look at while you're there too.

If anyone is up around the Woodlands, Conroe or North Houston and want to ride or get a pint, drop me a line! :-g
"British Importers" on S. Broadway?? Never heard of 'em. Do tell.
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