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Homemade Gauge Pods.... Pics..

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I know this is a repost from the Club Cafe forum but I figured I'd post this for those of you Bonnie riders that do not frequent that forum. I didn't think the Bonnie gauge pods were the same as the Thruxton's otherwise I would've originally posted this here, but after seeing D9's recent post with close up pics of the gauge pods I'm assuming they are the same. So here is my solution for an inexpensive way to be self-sufficient and get some nicer looking gauge pods!

Click ME!

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OldSkoolFool - those are incredible!! - nice work!

Your gauge cans and the new lowering bracket = nice combo...


are you running your bike without the side covers or was that just for the picture?
Thanks fellas :-D

Egon, I just haven't put the sidecovers back on the bike since doing the airbox mod. I really want to fiberglass some custom covers (I don't want to cut up my stock ones) that are basically like the stock ones but smaller and leave the filters exposed, similar to what is found on some of the Thruxton Cup bikes. I sent ya a private message.

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Thanks for the inspiration. I just went to wal-mart and got some camping thermos's, worked out great. I just posted some pics.

Good grief you two are creative. And an inspiration! This site never ceases to amaze me. :bow:
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