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highway hawk risers on speedmaster?

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greetings all> has anyone mounted the slotted 4" or 6" risers made by highway hawk on their speedmaster? Or the slotted ones made by showchrome I believe?Have been looking at these and several other styles but like the slotted ones the best. If I could figure out how to attach pic I would but maybe someone already has. Have been following Dazco adventures with his risers and was looking at those also but they looked kinda different on bike that just risers look in catalog. Really like the slotted ones made by Vtwin with 5.5" of rise,but everyone is out of those that I have contacted, i.e... J&P, tedds vtwin, there was a set on ebay from some harley buell shop recently,Been looking at duece style too. Appreciate all opinions and pics.
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speedmaster risers are 4 inches and I don't know the metric size but it is close to 3/8 inch

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