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I'm very close to purchasing a 2011 Street Triple R which has high mounted Arrow dual exhausts.

I have previously been put off owning high mount exhausts bikes, after owning a Hornet CB900 due to the exhaust smell that can happen on certain high mount exhaust designs.

In short, an area of low air pressure behind the rider creates a vacuum which sucks the high mounted exhaust airflow backward, towards the rider's back. This can lead to gear bags, riding gear, clothes and long hair (sticking out of a helmet) stinking of exhaust fumes after a ride.

This was a major issue for the Honda Hornet 900 (CB900 / 919) which is extensively documented on the Wrist Twisters forums such as here:
www [dot ] wristtwisters [dot ] com/forums/f94/exhaust-stink-the-final-chapter-survey-inside-59561.html

My question is: Does this issue exist on the Street Triple R?

I've done some basic research and it seems like the answer is yes for some Street Triple models, eg:

www [dot ] reddit [dot ] com/r/motorcycles/comments/fo4sn/does_anyone_else_smell_like_exhaust_when_theyre/
www [dot ] triumphrat [dot ] net/threads/stink-of-exhaust-fumes-after-riding-my-1050.106649/

Before people claim I'm making this up, or attribute this to something else, it's not a fueling, oil or exhaust brand issue; rather it is pure physics as outlined above.
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