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HID bulb retrofit-awesome

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HI all. This is a great site, and I have learned a great deal from it so I hope that my contribution is useful. I just installed heated grips(well worth the money, just need to get used to the pattern, a Stebel air horn(great) and maybe most importantly an HID bulb in the high beam. After I bought my Sprint in May, I fell in love with the bike, but hated the high beam. So, like many of you I searched for a solution. Motolights were a possibility, but I didn't want to go that route except as a last resort. I read all that I could on these boards and searched the HID boards for info.

Here's what I have done. I found a supplier on ebay That seemed to have quality equipment at reasonable prices. Here's what I got. Japanese ballast sealed weatherproof, 1 year warranty-3.5"x3"x1", DS2 Bulb and H& adapter-$185.00 shipped.

Went for a ride tonite and what a difference! At first I was disappointed, until the bulb warmed up and actually came up all the way. Triumph should make this set up original equipment.

If you are interested you can email him at [email protected]. His name is Mike. I don't have any affiliation with him except as a customer. I told him if this set up worked well I would post the info on this forum and I would definitely let my customers know( I work at the local dealer).

Hope this helps.

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Hi, and welcome.

Good that you're satisfied with the HID mainbeam. I'm looking to do the same too.

One of my worries has been exactly what you say about the bulb needing to warm up. So, what is it like when you have to switch the main beam on and off due to oncoming traffic? Some people say that this is not good for the life of the bulb either.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Once the bulb warms up, it flicks on and off instantly. The way that I understand it, having a good quality ballast is most important in bulb life. In any case I can live with short bulb life in exchange for a main beam that is useful and not just an ornament.

Also, it is nice to have a main beam that is actually bright enough that you have to dip it for on coming traffic.
I guess you're right. One more question. Did you have to take half of the bike apart to install, or could you work within the very limited space the instrument panel assembly provides for access to the main beam assembly? Where did you locate the ballast and how did you secure it in place?. Any photos would be appreciated.
Full disclosure-I had one of the techs at the shop install everything. I'm not the best at electrics. We mounted the ballast right behind the leading edge of the fairing, below the main beam-very clean. Since the ballast is sealed it should be fine.

The horn was mounted on the right side of the fairing with the horn pointed out the side opening. We'll see how long it lasts with the heat, but there was no where else to mount it.

I didn't think to take pictures. I was just so excited to get this stuff on there and try it out. But, if you want I can still get a shot of the ballast without taking off the fairing. Let me know.
Could you? I was thinking of installing the ballast in the space under the rectangle panel which is under the screen giving access to the main beam vertical adjustment screw. It looks like there's plenty of space there and the spot should be dry.

Second thought: Maybe this is were the optional alarm thingy is supposed to be installed? Does anybody know?

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Here's a pic. Hope fully this works-
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try this

Kev :-D
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Thanks Kev-I still getting the hang of the the photo thing. That's pic is shooting straight up into the fairing, if that helps anyone get perspective.
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