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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say it is great to finally be a part of these forums! There is so much incredibly useful information on here, and so many great people! I have been on the side lines for quite some time and it is time I finally joined.

I started riding on a Suzuki GS500 (thankfully, since I downed it while trying to learn in a parking lot!), then moved on to a Street Triple. The Street Triple was awesome, but I am a pretty short guy so had to be on my tip toes all the time. It was very uncomfortable.

I now have a 2013 Bonnie that I absolutely love (mag wheel ... Shorter that way and I like the look). It is the perfect bike for me! I will have to post pics in the near future!

I have the following Mods/changes so far: BC rear fender delete, front cafe fairing, blinker relocation on the front and back, Napoleon mirrors, Thruxton gel seat, tachometer added, and BC Predators. I also bought a rear cowl that still needs to be painted to match.

I have a couple of weird things happening after putting the Preds on and getting remapped - I am going to post about in the appropriate area.

Thanks for the great site everyone!
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