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My name is Albert.
Am new to this, so i just wonder where to start!
I have steped into the second half of my century,
and, as always, still love to ride.
Last year i noticed a bike that i liked instantly:
2007 Triumph Sprint ST ABS. It fits me like a glove,
as i am not to tall nor short. I very much like how
it handles, is a plesure to ride it!
I have some problems with it, though:
The gear shifting is rough, very rough! I mean, i rode
russian, czechoslovakian, east german and hungarian
motorcycles built in the 1960's, and the shifting was
somewat similar! I changed different oils, last i have is
Motul 300 15w50. I wonder if it(the ghear box) could be
adjusted ?
Also, the nut holding the rear wheel got lose! Almost lost
it, if not for the safety pin! I didn't even know that was
the problem, the wobling was felt from the front, and at low
sped, just before stoping! Hat it tightened by the mechanic
at the dealer in Detroit. Not even 4 weeks later, is lose gain!!
Intend to find a second nut, to back the first one from
geting lose! Anybody alse had this problem?
That's it for now, a great day outside, time to go for a ride!
Have a great day!

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Welcome from across the lake.
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