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Hi All,

I've just joined but I have to admit I'm a bit of an interloper....I haven't actually got a Triumph but I'm helping a mate with a TBS he's just bought and whilst searching for tips and the like you guys seem to be the fountain of knowledge!!! That's why I'm here!!!

I live in Kent, England, on the coast. I've been riding around eight years, commuting, riding for sheer enjoyment and with a few tours under my belt.

I love motorcycle racing of just about all levels.

I've currently got a 954 Fireblade but I'm off the road waiting for a spinal fusion op which is a shame. I have to say, having sat on the TBS I may well be converted post the op.

Anyway...Hi and look forward to being part of the forum!

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Welcome to the forum!

Yes sir, this site is a great source of information. I found it when I was researching getting back into motorcycling and made my decision to buy my Speed Triple in part due to information found here. We are happy you found us and will use this site to help sort your mate's TBS.

The Thunderbird Sport is truly one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made (okay, my opinion but I am a big guy and make statements of opinion as if they are fact). I still lust after that motorcycle and hope to add one to my garage once I finish paying for this Rocket of mine. I hope you are able to get that TBS back to prime condition with the assistance you will get here.

The Hinckley Classic Triple forum is where you will find the folks with the knowledge and experience with these beautiful machines. Please introduce yourself there and engage the members with your TBS project.

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