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Hello All,

Was a RAT member back in 94, when I had a Cosworth Super 3. (and a few Meriden bikes before that). Time has moved on and many bikes later, I'm about to join the Trumpet club once again.

I blagged a ride on a friends bonnie a few weeks ago, and fell in love.
Admittedly it was a very expensive Macco Moto, dripping in expensive bits, but I'm picking my own bonnie up tomorrow!

While I love the wire wheel look, I went for an 09 SE, which I reckon might be slightly better handling and gives me a great tyre choice. I have the parts catalogue out, spanners ready and shopping list to hand. Just got a 150 mile ride back on her first :smile2:

Looks like there's a lot of good technical info here, so I expect to be calling in pretty regular.

Ride safe


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Welcome to the forum!

Oh my, you had a Super III? I love that generation Triumph! I had a Daytona 1200 SE that I traded in on an Aprilia back in 2001, and I have regretted that ever since. Those early Hinckley Daytona's are absolutely beautiful machines.

The Air Cooled Twins Talk forum is where you can connect with other Bonneville riders. Introduce yourself there, post photos of your Bonneville, and join the banter.

There is much to our community, so please make yourself at home, browse the forums, and join the conversation where ever it may interest you.

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