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Hello from Pottsville NNSW , always keen for a ride .

I have owned 3 Bultaco's first trail bike a 200 matador .

1974 750 Bonniville as my first road bike for 2-3years.

1680cc Genny Shovel was next road bike , was a very nice loud bike , attracted the wrong attention I did not want at 20yo , sold in 6 mths.

Next Ducati Desmo 500 , wicked bike to ride , expensive bike to maintain , the battery cost more than the Harly battery , electrics played up , put a Yamaha harness on it , worked great , sold after a few years .

Bultaco persang 200 , I registered and rode this bike for many years , great when in between bikes , lived near the city and was great to ride to work as I could park anywhere , when I worked at PaddysMarket in Brisbane , I used to ride it up 3 stories of stairs as a short cut. I could also stand on the seat and ride this bike like a surf board .

Had a couple BSA's 500 single side valve bikes , rode one for 5 years as main bike , it was in a B54 frame . The other was original ,with the girder front end .

1200 Sportster , loved this bike , sportster are great bikes to throw around , I think I may own another one day . I did 10000km in the first week. More fun than than the heavy cruisers , faster than most bikes , mine spat fire from the exhaust ,loved it a lot . Sold to finance my business and new family .

Trophy 71 650 wet frame ,I bought this as a basket case for my best mate in the early nineties ,when I bought my second BSA at a swap meet, he rebuilt it , rode it for 2 years and died tragically walking home from the pub at Bangalow . I have owned the bike since , probably will always keep this one , this bike is for my Daughter ( Son doesn't care or want), either when she gets a bike licence or when I'm dead .

Sprint st 2000/01 had this a little while and love it , British Racing Green , now the kids are grown and no longer my main priority (financially ) , I can own a bike for me .
Probably move to a Thunderbird in 5-10 years as my old body deteriorates or another sportster .

I have also owned YZ500 ( chrome tank and deadly compression) and XR500 , they were farm/bush bikes in the 90s for a couple of years when I owned property at Rappville ,they came and went with the property.
There was also a Z400 that my mate and I shared , we put 250 side covers on it and had it registered as a 250 . This bike was our pillion seat , if you wanted to come/ride with us we would take you to the cop shop , get you a learners , then give you the keys to the Z , ride behind us ..
I have ridden some old Harlys WLA and the like ( old past friend owned and accessed lots of old bikes) .I used to swap with a girlfriend that had a BMW 650 , ridden a Boldador for 4000k on a camping trip , used to swap the Sportster for my mates Duke monster , but prefer the HD .
I love bikes , not ordinary ones , bikes that have real character , for that reason I probably won't do the 1050 sprint , it looks ordinary , a bit like any other bike with a fairing , bring back the retro style of 98-2005 sprint , she has curves and I love her .
I really want to get my hands on another BSA , maybe a M22 or M21 , but I need to save for that , sigh!

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Hello, welcome to the site. I hope you find this Triumph site to be a great place to meet and talk all Triumph bikes with a great bunch of riders.

Everyone here is very willing to help with any issues or concerns with your bike. This is really a great bunch of riders very willing to help other riders.

Cruise around the different sections and find where you fit comfortably. There are tech sections for each of the many models of Triumphs and chat sections for the same. Also we have a great classifieds section that is well worth checking out.

If you want to just hang out and shoot the breeze the “Biker Hang-Out” Chat Section will be the place to stop in.

If you haven't already please fill out your profile. It helps others to know what you ride and where on the planet you are located.

I hope you enjoy the site. The moderators are here to help if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for joining the Triumph Rat Family.

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