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Hex bolts needed

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I need a set of hex bolts for the thottle and clutch controls. I've been searching and haven't found anything online. Might the dealer have them?

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Or here...Stainless Fasteners

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Believe thats an M6 x 1.0 pitch, 20mm long

Any good hardware store should have them, but if not...

McMaster Carr , looks like your part would be 91292A137 (stainless steel, not black oxide finish like the OEM part)

Type in the part # or "Socket Cap Screws" in the "Find" window on the
upper left, easy to navigate your way to the part you need...

Good luck



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I guess you win this round of today's amazing online
edition of... (cue punchy Hollywood game show music)...

"Find That HARDWARE!"

That set looks good...


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:razz: Tell 'em what they win, Don Pardo!

Thanks Brent! I'll add them to my order of drag bars. (Something I wouldn't be caught in, btw.)

*bad joke*

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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