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If you had said the piece of tube broke off below the pilot jet, I would say you would be OK; however, since you say it is above the pilot jet, I suspect the pilot circuitry in that carb is history. Are you sure the piece of the tube came from above the pilot jet. The reason I ask is I can't imagine how one would break the tube above the pilot jet...if one used too big a screwdriver or let it slip with side pressure, I would think the part of the tube below the pilot jet would break. I remember the pilot jet is up in the tube a good distance.

If you have to have a new carb, there are a number of people on this forum that have replaced their carbs with CR's, Flat side's, etc. They may be willing to sell you the stock pair much cheaper than you can buy one from Triumph. The carbs are much easier to remove and install as a connected pair.

Good Luck,
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