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Hi guys,

Bit of a different one here but I can't find the information anywhere else and was wondering if you could help. I am a student based in the UK and for my final master's project, I am designing an exhaust for a 675 street triple to be placed in our race car for the Formula Student competition.

I have little experience with bikes before and especially exhaust design and so am still finding my feed but starting off by trying to find optimal diameter and length so I can get to design and fluid dynamics simulations.

I am going to be using a few different methods to calculate the best dimensions, the first of which is the calculator featured on Wallace racing; Primary Header Tube Length and Diameter Calculator

So far, i have all the required data from manuals etc. except the exhaust valve centre line in degrees and the volumetric efficiency. Unfortunately due to COVID, I don't have access to the engine and so can't do any practical measurements so was wondering if any fo you guys have the measurements or know how to get them without access to the engine?

Any information would be much appreciated as I'm a bit stuck otherwise!

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