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My buddy has in his garage a 03 TB that belongs to a friend that wants to sell.

What I know is the bike only has 3k miles but has been sitting in a dusty garage for years. There is very light spots of rust on areas like the top of the fork legs and top of the mufflers. Most bits of chrome appear good.

The bike has been in some sort of a mild wreck laydown on the right side because I have found a broken blinker and the right hand brake lever has a scratched up tip. No other damage noted. It is covered in a heavey layer of dust and grundge wich may be acting as a perservative to the finish.

I was thinking to buy and fix up and then sell.

If I cean it up and invest in new tires, fluids, one turn signal stem and battery...what price should I be asking for this bike.

Buddy said he started it last year and it should be good to go.
TB is maroon and silver. I don't think it is a sport because it looks more like a cruiser with buckhorn type bars.

In its present condition what should I offer.

If I fix it up whats it worth?

Thanks way in advance before I pull the trigger.
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