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It all started in 2000 when we lost my best friend and

riding/drinking buddy, Dick. Then in 2002 we lost my good

friend and co-worker, Bob. In 2007, we lost my friend and

ex-budweiser brewmaster, Joe and since one thing we had

in common was a fondness for malt beverage I became

concerned about the plight of the brewery workers. I have

tried to have one for Dick, one for Bob, one for Joe, then

one for me, then repeat. While this has cut my consumption

by 75%, I hope the workers are keeping up. However, my

current problem is that I do one for Dick, one for Bob,.....

was that for Bob? or Joe? Well, have to start over. You see

where this is going. Anyhow, with the holiday season upon

us, if any of you could see your way clear to hoist an

extra glass to Dick, Bob, Joe and/or me I'm sure it would

be appreciated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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