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Has anyone ever had the frame underneath the seat bent?
I had a high speed accident where the bike flipped & landed on the right rear side.
Does anyone know if it can it be straightened, there seems to be a slight crack where the right side bends down at about 2 cm lower than the left.
I thought at first it was the fender eliminator as my number plate was at a slight angle, so took it all apart & found the damage.
I can't put it through the insurance as i was on a track day, so i'm very nervous as to what I can do.
Other damage includes bent handlebars, badly scratched clutch cover, scratched tank, flyscreen, bar-ends gone, tail light smashed & all indicators gone.
Do any of you know where I can find prices for original Triumph items? been searching the web but can't get prices on original parts.
Can handlebars be straightened, is it pricey to get that done?
Would my warranty be void if I had it repaired somewhere other than a Triumph dealership?
Appreciate any help offered,

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Sounds like you're just talking about the subframe.
That has absolutely zero effect on bike handling so go ahead & straighten/weld it as necessary.

Don't straighten the bars, replace them - there are a ton of after-market options available.

You have a right to repair your bike anywhere you like and it will not invalidate the warranty (except of course for any specific non-Triumph parts that were used in the repair)
There seems to be fairly common misperception that any work done on your bike at a non-dealer invalidates the ENTIRE warranty.
Certainly not true in the US and I believe it is the same in Australia.
The onus would be on Triumph to prove that any repair done had a direct consequence on the specific failure item you were claiming for.

To get some idea of pricing info, go to
That will give you prices in USD but give you at least a guide to the relative cost in Oz.

Good luck finding parts

Note to other respondents - its OK to give general part finding advice/information but please take any personal specific offers off-line!
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