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Help Fitting Corbin Seat for ST 1050

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Decided to splash out a little for Christmas and bought a Corbin seat for my Sprint ST 1050. Nice seat, but I'm blowed if I can get it completely down on the locking mechanism.

Has anyone actually bought and fitted a Corbin seat for a 1050 and could possibly offer me a few pointers?

There is obviously something snagging somewhere, but I'm stumped as to where it could be.

Thanks in advance.

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Don't despair yet. Mine fit very well but it was tight as heck at first. Try looking under the rear and make sure as you lower it the pin is lining up with the hole in the bracket. after you check that the pan isn't hitting anything it shouldn't be, don't be afraid to sit on it with the bike on the center stand and "a$$ thump" it. After a few miles it fits very well without being loose. The gap between the tank is about 1/8 inch on mine nice and even all across. It keeps the seat from wearing the paint off your tank and allows the factory tank bra/bag mount to fit without fuss. The original would have worn thru eventually. While some have crappy luck with Corbins, others (myself included) have had nothing but a good experience, and thats three seats over fifteen years.

Jim T.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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