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Help Fitting Corbin Seat for ST 1050

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Decided to splash out a little for Christmas and bought a Corbin seat for my Sprint ST 1050. Nice seat, but I'm blowed if I can get it completely down on the locking mechanism.

Has anyone actually bought and fitted a Corbin seat for a 1050 and could possibly offer me a few pointers?

There is obviously something snagging somewhere, but I'm stumped as to where it could be.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kneedown,

Totally agree with you. I noticed the gap near the front and thought "Mmmm....".

The seat certainly looks good, but I question how it fits to the lines of the bike a bit.

One other question: you know when you remove the grab rail to insert the seat bracket? There are four plastic spacers under the grab rail screws. Did you just leave these off when you fitted the seat bracket, or did you leave them where they were originally. Just trying to determine if they are why it's a bit difficult getting the seat down.

Hi AZWildcat,

Thanks for the tip. I'm loathe to press to hard on the seat until I can figure out where it is snagging. When I read about "your second effort" my heart sank. It's taken three months to get hold of this one! So, how did you leave it - did you eventually get a new seat?


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Job Done!

Thanks Kneedown and AZWildcat.

I had a careful look and the only place the seat was snagging was at the rear near the nearside part of the grab rail. This is probably because the leather is new and will bed in.

I just couldn't get the second click on the lock, so decided to put four washers under the lock bracket. Once the seat has had chance to bed in (I'll remove these and it should be even better). Put the seat back on and two nice easy clicks. Seat now fits snuggly with the lines of the bike and I'm a happy bunny.

Also the locking bracket was positioned about half way between 'completely back' and 'completely front'.

The seat is definitely better than the OEM seat.

Happy Christmas.
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