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Finally, after 2 years of scrimping and saving,drooling and schooling I have saved about 4 thousand dollars for my Bonnie project. I am sure I will probably need more but you have to admit it is a good place to start!
THE MACHINE : 69 tr6c in a 64 frame
GOAL: I live at 4k feet in the sierra's surrounded by endless dirt roads, hidden lakes and streams. All connected by curvaceous ribbons of seldom used asphalt Perfect Bonnie country!! I need to build primarily a street legal dirt tracker. I am no stranger to sparks flying from a hot steel shoes however, I don't want some temper mental race bike that might leave me stranded at 7 thousand feet in nowhere land! I will gladly trade some performance for reliability, nay, dependability yay! I need equipment that works as hard as I did to save up the dough!!
ELECTRICS: Boyer vs. Pazon
CARBS: What size Mikuni's ( Remember the bike will regularly see 6 to 7 thousand feet!)
FRONT END: Ceriani or redone stock? Where do I find a ceriani front end complete?
REAR: Girling shocks or what? I like the Idea of adjustably on the fly.
EXHAUST: Stock style up pipes, 2 into 1 super trap style, or T.T. style. Must be Forrest service legal!!!
RIMS: Stock or Akront, or what? Size? Width?
Rubber: What might work best for my application?
FINAL DRIVE: Stock sprocket or bigger? How many teeth bigger?
FORWARD CONTROLS: Magura or what?
BRAKES: How might I whoa this thing better? Disc on the front, How? What?
HAVE I forgotten something?
Thanks for all your help! I am eagerly awaiting all your responses!!

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i can't help, but i eagerly await pictures. i just had a little homer-simpson-drooling-coma. "mmmmmm. forest service legal...."

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Wow, you're asking for alot of info and I'm sure you will probably get alot of different opinions. Here's a few of mine:

Get real dirt track wheels with quick change hubs, they will give you the option of using various disc brakes AND you can change your gearing in a matter of minutes. I recommend 19" front and 18" rear, The 18 rear you might have to get laced special, but it will give you some versitility on tire choice. I'd go with Dunlop K70's (available anywhere) or Dunlop DOT dirt track tires available from Gary Nixon (410-472-2131). Other brands would fit, but if you go 19" rear, you'll have a limited choice.

Forks: Ceriani's are hard to come by, but you can get excellent results with stockers with new springs and experimenting with oil weights. Start with 20w, too hard go lighter, too soft, go heavier. I would recommend converting your steering head bearings to caged tapered bearings.
Have you considered a Trackmaster or Champion frame?

Shocks: Depends on what you want to spend. NJB, Progressive, and Hagons will all work, but if you can spend the extra cash, I'd go with Works Performance.

Carbs: Mikuni 30 or 32 mm should be the ticket. ALL carbs get tempermental with drastic elevation changes, but Mikunis are less tempermental than most. Adjustment is easy in the field, carry a couple of extra main jets, 2 steps leaner and 2 steps richer for extremes.

I'd stick to the stock ignition, but that's just me. Spare points, condensers and advance parts are easy to carry and repairs can be accomplished road side. If an electronic ignition fails, you're done. Modern upgrades that eliminate the zener diode and rectifier combined with good maintenence of the points etc. give excellent dependability. I'd add a new alternator to the equation as well. Cost should run about the same as an electronic conversion.

If you can find a 2 into 1 exhaust with a muffler/ spark arrestor, that's how I'd go. TT pipes with muffler/spark arrestor might cause ground clearence problems.

The way you want to set this bike up, I'd ask someone like Eddie Mulder or Davey Durelle for some advice. They are experienced with bikes that run up Pikes Peak. Ed Mulder runs a classic Triumph every year.
These are my thoughts, good luck! Post pictures !!!
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