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Hello Everyone, especially all you Triumph Speedmaster owners.

I recently came across a 2004 Triumph Speedmaster for an excellent price and could not pass up buying it. I have always wanted a Triumph so it was a dream come true. Needless to say, I am beyond enamored with my bike.

However I want to ask around to those that have Speedmasters (2003 or 2004's) and have customized them because that is where my head is at right now and I want to give my bike a personal touch.

I have come across a number of sites (,, etc...) for accessories that are very much Triumph Speedmaster specific but wanted to know if there were other companies out there I should be looking at that offer parts that will fit my bike OR for that matter retailers that carry a wicked selection.

Below I have listed some of the mods I want to make so perhaps I can get a few insights from some more seasoned Triumph cruiser riders on where to look. Please offer places you have gone / bought accessories / parts from. Keep in mind everything on my bike is stock except for the pipes. The guy that I bought the bike from put what looks to be Spectre Pipes on it.

MOD Questions:

- Really Really Really need to do something different with all the turn signals front and back. The front turn signals will dent the fuel tank if the bike is laid down and the back signal assemblies are just begging to be ripped off. I want to keep them in tight. I aslo want to keep the tandem seating so keep that in mind.

- Where can i find some nicer front brake/clutch levers for the 2004 Speedmaster?

- Fork Gaiters. Want them bad because I love the retro look and the Speedmasters I have seen with them look sick. However the ones I have seen online have this ugly plastic bridge that sits under the headlight. I cannot have that. Any suggestions and also is it NECESSARY to remove the front forks to have gaiters on a bike?

- Crash Bars / Dresser Bars - Im a big guy (6'5'') and freeway pegs aren't really an option, i've never found them very comfortable. I want a nice set that's going to take the brunt of laying my bike down if and when it happens and I wat it to protect my foot pegs, shift lever, and brake levers. These parts do not handle road impact well and burn a hole in my wallet when it comes to repairs.

- Also like bar end mirrors or napoleon mirrors but want to keep the width profile of my bike as narrow as possible (lane splitting and clearance issues) but the problem I have found is that I love Kurykan ISO grips (currently have a pair because i have big hands and they look sweet) so this limits my options. I will consider another option as long as someone provides it.

- Looking for a low profile sissy bar with or without a luggage rack but want to keep original seat. Any ideas?

- DART windscreen - I love the way it looks but thats really all its for right? Can anyone explain if this windscreen serves a function outside looking badass?

Thank you all, I hope to get some positive feedback everyone soon.


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