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Hi all. I want to thank the moderators and active members of this forum. I purchased a 2006 Sprint ST 1050 about 3 weeks ago and I have been dead on the side of the road twice in the past week. This forum has helped to point in the correct direction and get back on the road both times.

It all started last Thursday on my way to work. My commute is 60 miles each way. The first symptom was the LCD clock went blank while I was riding. Then the bike back fired on deceleration into a red light and just died trying to pull away from the light. Upon investigation realized the battery was dead. :mad: Obviously either a dead battery or something bad in the charging circuit. After charging the battery the bike fired up and ran fine. I searched the forum and found the sticky on the charging circuit diagnosis, modification and upgrade. Thanks to this I was able to determine I had a failed rectifier/Regulator.

Since I live in NH I was able to pick up a new R/R from Ricks Motorsports Electrics on Monday. I put it in that night and had 14.5V at the battery. :D So i was back on the road and commuting to work on Tuesday.

The ride to work went without a hitch. However, on the way home the bike did a "reset" just as I was coming to a stop in traffic. It just turned off and right back on again. I made it to the next exit and it reset a couple more times so I got into a parking lot. Of course I assumed it had something to do with the R/R replacement I just did. :confused: So looked all over the place for loose connectors or shorted wires in that area and found none. My friend headed on home to get his truck, again, while I did another search of the this fine forum. I found a post that suggested looking into the wire harness near the handlebars. Upon investigation found the reset occurred when I turned the bars.

I dug around and found the problem. I had added SW Motech handlebar risers. I thought I have made sure all the wires and cable had sufficient play. However, I discovered the cable form the kill switch attached to a connector to the main harness under the front fairing was very tight when I turned the bars. The other end of the connector was tightly tie wrapped to the frame. When cut this tie wrap away I found the wire under it was broken. :rolleyes: My friend returned with his truck and some but splices and crimpers. I spliced the wire around the connector an I was back in business. :)

So the task for this weekend is to lengthen this harness and fix the broken wire correctly. Hopefully all will be well after that.

Once again thanks to this forum and a reminder to the newbies use the search function. There is a wealth of information at your disposal.

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