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So I traded a project car for a 1973 tiger that is a runt. I love it so far, and have just been ironing out some issues... figured I'd register and start asking away.

Again, it's a runt... buell forks, suzuki front wheel, but it's alive and runs well, the purists are going to puke!

I have decades of riding experience, mostly on sport bikes, and the track, figured I'd give this a run.

It was going to rain all weekend, so I tore the engine down and fixed the first problem with new valve guides and valves.

I had to drill about 2/3rds of the way down to get the old guides out and then hammer with a cut down aluminum rod. (this pic is after some light media blasting, it had carbon on it that was very hard)

mmmm, yummy:

Other than using the gasket kit that came with it, I've been chasing down leaks, some solved, some not... I have two types of leaks that seem to be fixable by lurking here ever since I got her. I'll try and then ask about them later specifically. In general one is the rocker tube lower (different o rings, etc..) and the other appears to be the rocker box shaft o-ring.... I'll get to it.

Anyways, figured I'd register! Hi!!!!!
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