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Hi, all!

I'm what I like to call a 'responsible rider'. That is to say, I went without actually going berserk for at least my first few months. :) I started on a tiny Honda with no car (I had my motorcycle license for seven years before bothering to get a license), upgraded to a bigger Honda that was more or less a clone of the previous (went from a little VTR 250 that drove me insane due to the lack of fuel injection to a trusty CBR900/Hornet that took me around the place for a good 60+thousand kms).. got a tank slapper on an incredibly wet day that I was more or less forced to ride home on and sent it packing down the street.

Used the insurance money for that, was desperately looking for a VFR or something similar - but instead, ended up finding a Triumph Sprint in surprisingly good condition given that it was a '99 model (with only just over 40,000 k's on the clock.) I've enjoyed my time on it thusfar (only a few thousand done, the odometer is at 447xx) but am freely admitting that while I've peeked here a couple of times.. I'm mostly here because the old girl has decided to do something less than nice to me, and so I'm desperately seeking some guidance!

Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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