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Dear all Triumph-rats,

I just got a Triumph Tiger 100 ss as a present from my wife. Could you ask for a better wife or a better gift? I think not!!

Anyways. It is a Triumph Tiger ss from 1967 - but I think it could be a 1966 production (I will come back with pix and details when I have had a chance to get a real look at it (It is still in a garage getting a small run-over)

I am 42, life in Copenhagen, have four kids. I have had a number of bikes before, but never a classic brit. I am not much of a mechanic, but luckily my Father in law is doing lots of work on old Douglas motorcycles, so he can assist me.

I hope that you will help me out as I am sure I will need answers to a millions questions in regards to maintenance, spare-parts, originality, fuel, oil, what do do - and what NOT to do - ect.


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