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Hi there! I have a 1978 Triumph Bonneville T140-E Tawny Brown and Gold. She runs beautifully (most of the time). I plan to keep her mostly original but will probably do a couple small things. So far I put on the spin on oil filter, a new SRM oil feed pipe, new SRM oil pressure release valve, new battery, new NGK spark plugs, new gaskets, new oil seals and that's about it for now.

I look forward to learning from everybody on here! I've come to realize that for some reason my old bike is puzzling to these mechanics that work on crotch rockets and Harleys all day. I guess it's just because they don't see them very often. I do have one great mechanic here in Chicago that I go to named Chad at Ace Motorcycles. He's a genius with the old Triumphs. Lately I've been doing all my own work though. I fixed a leaky rocker box spindle and put on new rocker box gaskets. I found these great aluminum gaskets that are covered in the traditional "paper like" material and these are the FIRST rocker box gaskets that I used that haven't leaked! I really didn't think it was possible.

Right now I'm having trouble with rear wheel alignment if anybody has advice? I had to pull my rear tire back because the chain went through a growth spurt and when I tried to get the tire in alignment, I realized that it hits the chain guard on the left AND the rear brake cylinder kisses on the right side so I can't really go to the right which would be out of alignment anyway.

Well take care everybody and ride safe!
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