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Hi Everybody
This is Patrick, from...end of the World (Argentina). I do really enjoy and learn too much reading your experiences.
I bought a first hand Tiger 800 ABS 2012 with 6000 miles, two months ago. (I am really so happy with it), but, just after one month to bought it, It began with problems same as the videos linked herewith
Based on the Web information, it seems a unfortunatelly "common failure" in 2012 models.
I went to the only Triumph dealer in Argentina, and they supposed one of the keys was deprogrammed (transponder issue), so they programmed both keys again, and that's all.
I used it just two more times, and this problem (described in the video) started again
Based on our (Argentinian) importantion restrictions, they (Triumph dealer), do not have immobilizer in stock, and they do not know, when, it could be arriving
Perhaps, some of you already eliminated, removed or did a "bridge", ByPass, or similar to avoid use this "secure System",DATATOOL, that I am conviced is the best, because neither the thieves and the owner can start it, (Joke)
I do really appreciate, instructions, pictiures, etc. Also, I was reading that is mandatory to use a "part" to eliminate the immobilizer. Someone know, where could biuy it or Who is the manufacturer?
Kind Regards

P.S. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further question about Latinamerica and in Particular Argentina Countries
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