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Hi, obviously my first post goes here but I need some help with my t595 and have gone everywhere from calling triumph directly there t595 service manual and to google with no avail.

My Question: for the triumph t595 service manual, the exhaust labeled cam and inlet cam are reversed with everything else still matching up eg cam caps cam sprockets for timing chain...
So if the only difference is the exhaust marked cam is on the intake side and the intake on the exhaust... Is the book wrong with the notches labelling the two?

Also I will be posting this again when the thread allows me.

Thanks for all your help, by no means am I a professional mechanic and still an amateur.
I called and spoke with so many mechanics and everyone just gives me the cop out of put it back the way u found it. Thanks for that insight but I want to know if the way I found it was right, if u need to know more I will be glad to pass on all that I can.
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