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Hi all,

I am the proud new owner of a 2010 Bonneville T100

Since I purchased the bike about two weeks ago I've put on:

- Clubman bars
- Thruxton seat with cowl
- British Customs fender eliminator
- New low profile blinkers
- TEC 2-1 exhaust
- Did some maintenance (oil, chain, brakes, cleaning etc.)
- AI Removal
- New tires


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Welcome to the forum!

Photos or it didn't happen! Really, it sounds like you are already setting your T100 up quite nicely. Do share!

The Air Cooled Twins Talk forum is where you can connect with other Bonneville riders. Introduce yourself there, post photos (yes, more photos!) of your T100, and join the banter.

You will also like the Club Café.

Please complete your user profile so that we may see where you are from and what you ride as you post throughout the forums. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and post some photos! :)

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