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Heated Grips... From A Harley?

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I couldn't find anything from any of the Triumph brochures about heated grips for my 2006 T100 but as Harley's have 1" bars they might fit. Oh dear... And $300CAD to boot!

Any thoughts on this?
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Here's a set of heated grips for one inch bars that come complete with new grips:
Heated Grips 1

Here's a less expensive approach that involves removing your present grips, attaching these self-adhering heaters to your bars, then replacing your grips.
Heated Grips 2

I installed a set similar to the Dual Star ones, but they required mounting a resistor that gets hot you have to be careful where you mount it. The DualStar setup doesn't require a resistor.

I mounted my off on switch under the fuel tank, and wired into a switched plug under the fuel tank. That way, even if I forget to shut them off, when I turn the ignition off, the grips go off too. No dead battery that way.

The only problem I've experienced is that with the grips on "hi", the nylon under the throttle gets hot and wants to bind slightly ....sort of like a throttle meister! I plan to pull the right hand grip and ream out the nylon slightly to eliminate the problem.

Hope this helps.


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From everything I've read on this forum your Bonnie won't run with HD parts. :-D
Or consider Aerostich Grip Warm Wraps. $53, they work awesome, and they're easy to put on, and take back off.
I also have the dual star heated grips. love 'em! i would never have another bike with out them. You need to get the plastic throttle sleeve to install for the left grip .If you put the heater element onto the metal handlebar ,you loose to much of the warmth though heat disipation( Whooaa? Spelling?).Just rivet the sleeve to the left side of the handlebar Before sticking on the heating element. For $50 or so You've got some winter warmth for those diggets!Wiring Is real easy also . I put the swicth on the top of the head lamp.That's all about this. Bill White
Hey thanks for the replies.

The thing about most of those aftermarket grips are the looks compared with the stock grips. Frankly I think I 'd rather something with a bit of chrome and a control unit right there on the end of the bar. Now that would mean having some sort of HD logo on the rubber or end cap but to be honest the quality is there. For the price I'll probably suffer the cold with my gloves and inserts but it's snowing outside and while the sun is supposed to shine for several days the temp is going to be just below 0 celsius. You know, if it's sunny, or just plain almost dry, I got to ride. I'm not going to ride if I can. Why would you not ride if you can!

I think Triumph should offer a totally cool heated grip. I've got a Bonnie and I want to ride it. I don't were velcro or plastic, I wear leather, eat bugs, and well I'm just tired of heating my fingers on my cylinder head.

On 2007-01-10 21:24, FlungPup wrote:
Now that would mean having some sort of HD logo on the rubber or end cap but to be honest the quality is there.
I think Triumph should offer a totally cool heated grip.
Flungpup - just to make sure the info was clear ..... if you install heaters like the DualStars, they go UNDER your stock Triumph grips. You remove the stockers, wrap the adhesive-backed heaters around your handlebars, and slide the stock grips back on the handlebar. Here's one more heater kit that works with stock grips. These would be easily installed with an aftermarket handlebar (which many of us install anyway), since it wouldn't have the plugs for the Triumph end caps. I haven't used these, but some other member of this forum has. They would make for a clean installation since the wiring is run inside the handlebars.


This is the route I'm taking in a few weeks (hopefully before Winter ends :) I've got all the parts, just looking for the time.

How to install Polly Heaters

How to install Heat Troller in the left handlebar switch
Well then I've got a little more thinking to do...

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