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I often see threads regarding a lit MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp, a.k.a. Check Engine Light) after one runs the battery dead/low and then installs a new one, or when other types of electrical disconnections are made. In most cases, the MIL will go out after the bike runs through three ‘heat cycles’, or more precise, ‘warm-up cycle’.

The purpose of this thread: the fact that there are all sorts of definitions out there for ‘heat cycle’, and most of them are assumptions and erroneous. True, one could say “Just ride the bike from cold up to running temp, stop and let it cool down, and repeat three times,” but this takes a lot of unnecessary time and is not really a clear definition. So with that, here is the official, straight from the service manual definition of a ‘warm-up cycle’:

“A single warm-up cycle is deemed to have taken place when the following criteria have been met:

* The coolant temperature must be raised to 72C [162F] or more.

* The coolant temperature must have risen by 23C [74F] or more from its start temperature, when 72C [162F] is reached.

*A controlled power-down sequence must take place [i.e. shutting off using the ignition swtich].”
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